David Heinemann


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My name is David Heinemann, and I'm a software developer based in Central Queensland, Australia.

I started learning to program with Game Maker 3 back in 7th grade, making simplistic clones of classic arcade games like Missile Command. Now I have over 10 years industry experience involving all kinds of weird and wonderful projects.

My desktop computer is a mini-ITX Ryzen 5 5600G build running Fedora 35. My favourite programming language is C#, but these days I'm learning C to get a bit closer to the metal.

This website's design is a tribute to my first computer, an old 486 that ran Windows 3.11. The classic PC fonts are from the Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack by VileR. While they don't match the original Windows 3 fonts, they really recapture the aesthetic!

If you'd like to get in touch, throw me a line at david@dheinemann.com.