Dave Heinemann

Announcing Replicalc

Today marks the release of Replicalc v0.1.0, a REPL-based calculator for programmers.

Replicalc running in MS-DOS

I've been working on Replicalc for the last month or so, as a hobby project to learn the C programming language. I've learned a lot, and reached the point where Replicalc is ready for an initial release. It's going to be buggy, and will crash with unexpected input. If I've seriously screwed up somewhere, then the results may even be incorrect. However, it runs happily on both Linux, MS-DOS, and Windows 3 onward!

In future I plan to add a Win16 UI for Windows, and GTK UI for Linux.

Further details, releases, and source code are available on GitHub.

Do you have any thoughts or feedback? Let me know via email!

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