Dave Heinemann

2021 Honda Grom: Six-Month Ownership Update

In August 2022 I finally got my motorcycle license and bought a brand-new 2021 Honda Grom.

I bought it in part because I wanted to start out with a bike that was completely unintimidating, and the Grom certainly fits the bill:

It's so light and nimble that it feels like riding a bicycle, yet there's just enough power to have a blast without getting yourself into trouble.

Now after six months of ownership I'm approaching 5,000 km on the odometer. This bike has been my daily commuter, grocery getter, errand runner, and casual tourer. I've ridden it all over Mackay and the Whitsundays, and even to Townsville and back (400 km each way!) If you're brave enough to take it on the highway, this bike will take you anywhere.

A photo of my Honda Grom in Townsville

Personally, I don't think I could have picked a better starter bike. It was a steal at $4,800 AUD out the door, and I consistently get a fuel efficiency of 2.2 L/100 km (107 mpg) in the city and 3 L/100 km (78 mpg) on the highway.

Now I'm starting to think about getting something a bit bigger so I can tour more comfortably (and at the full speed limit!) But nonetheless, I can't see myself parting with the Grom. It's so economical that it doesn't make sense to commute on anything else, and too damn fun to flog around streets.

If you ever get an opportunity to try a Grom or other small-bore Honda, go for it!

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