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Motorcycle Adventures & Camping

I love watching motorcycle videos on YouTube, but there's this genre of relaxing motorcycle adventure and camping videos that I love in particular.

People like Rob Hamilton. He lives in Victoria, Australia, and makes silent "ASMR" videos where he doesn't speak. He likes to camp in very scenic spots, and you can just sit back and soak up all the sounds of nature.

Another is Mario ADV. Mario is in the United States, and takes his Royal Enfield Classic 350 Reborn on scenic adventure rides while he softly shares his views on life.

I also enjoy Joe Ryan's videos. He's another Australian, who documents his travels on his Royal Enfield Himalayan 411.

I'm pretty new to adventure riding, myself. I've got a Honda CRF300 Rally, and taken it adventure riding a few times with friends. Most of all, I enjoy solo adventure rides, and enjoying things at my own pace. For me, that mostly means quiet gravel roads in picturesque areas.

Exploring dirt roads near Atherton, QLD

I used to camp semi-regularly when I was younger, through a club that I'm still with today. I'm starting to get back into it again, and my motorcycle is the perfect avenue for it.

I went on a motorcycle trip up to Cairns and Atherton's straight after New Year's Day, and had a blast. I had planned to camp every night, but the first one was all I could bear. It was in Townsville, and despite some nice winds on the ride up, there was no breeze whatsoever that night - not even with the tent vestibules open. On top of that, it was the middle of summer, and extremely humid. I barely slept at all, and spent the rest of the trip staying in motels.

Camping in Mount Morgan, QLD

I learned a good lesson that night in Townsville: camping in summer in Queensland isn't fun. I'm looking forward camping again as soon as it gets colder. Maybe once the overnight temperatures reach about 20°C.

Until then, I'll camp vicariously through YouTube videos. 🏕️

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